What is Prison? by John Dowell

A place for storing human beings in stasis 
          like a giant refrigerator
Without compassion 
like the moon without the sun 
          or space without stars
It can be a place of growth 
when we realize how faulty we are 
how much damage we’ve done 
          the pain causes change
But then what? We’re still here 
like forgotten apples 
          in your winter grave
It’s a stepping stone for politicians 
But where do these bloody 
          stone stairs lead?
A place to forget and be forgotten 
like a rug under which 
          to sweep your dirt
It’s a great hungry beast 
which devours all ties and plans 
and slowly eats away 
          at memory
There is one light 
that burns brighter every day 
It’s the place where I learned 
          to write poetry
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