Thinking of Rain Shadow Review by John Dowell

I wrote this for you 
          because you accept the unacceptable 
          whose tales are beautiful as any
I wrote this because 
          there are rules and towers 
          that need to be broken
I wrote this 
          for bricks kilned in fury and crumbling 
          in the weather of compassion
I wrote this 
          I am one of the unacceptable 
          I am getting old but feeling young 
          I don’t believe in fairy tales or angels 
          yet I believe my best friend who died young 
          was an angel
I wrote this because 
          I love standing on the scales of paradox 
          and dreams are no respecters 
          of the grave
I wrote this for you 
          because I want to be that bluebird 
          that keeps landing on your porch railing 
          in the early morning sunshine
I wrote this because 
          I’m glad I’m me 
          and you are you
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