Ten Seconds in My Head (Or Sitting in Chemistry Lecture) by Dale Russell

“In the reverse of sublimation…” 
Wow, Amanda sure has a nice 
I wonder if Mike got his lab homework done 
Those chalkboards look straight out of the 1890s
“…atoms of molecules in the gas phase…” 
I need to go to the store tonight 
11:42, 18 minutes ‘til 
“…can be made to deposit on the surface…” 
Quarter Pounder with cheese and a big fat Coke 
what the hell is up with Dave’s hair? 
oh, shit, I forgot my psych homework 
“…of a solid…” 
yeah, like on CDs, heat of deposition 
maybe Cami would like to go to 
damn laptop battery, I’m getting a new one 
“…the delta-H of deposition is…” 
Lindsey is so freakin’ hot in those jeans 
where’s my Snickers?
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