Spidey Zack by William Cannon

This is a story I writed for grade 5 fiction story class. It’s called—Spidey Zack.
by Jasper Kirby

Once. There is a spider. Him name Zack. Zack is itty bitty spider. Zack not like light. So him only come out when light gone.

Today Spidey Zack hungry. So him waits all day for light be gone away. Spidey Zack say’d, “I so hungry. I just wanna catch fly and eat. How much long is light stay alive? Come on dark. Come alive! Push light away.”

Day fine’ly over now. Light gone away. Night come much alive. But something is wrong with Night. Spidey Zack say’d, “Oh goody. Night come alive. I spin web now. And catch fly. And eat fly. Thank you so much Night. You best friend. But…but what wrong with you?”

Night dark. And black. But him nightless. And no night inside Night. Night fake. Spidey Zack not like nightlessness. Him scared. Spidey Zack build cobweb by trash can. Inside trash can is dead kitty cat. Him stinky stinky. Spidey Zack hold him nose while spin cobweb. So him not smell dead kitty cat.

“Dead kitty in trash can is much much bad kitty. Him stinky worst I ever smell. But it good for me. Buzz-buzz-buzz flies everywhere.

“But what happen to best friend? Something wrong with Night. I not understand what happin to him” say’d Spidey Zack to him inside.

Down road is house on fire. Much fire trucks and flashy flashy red light. Night like fire. House big. And make fire be much alive. All of Night go to fire. To watch burn. That Why Night is nightlessness. Him black. Him look same. But not same. Nightlessness Night is fakey. But no one know. Just Spidey Zack. Him know something wrong cuz Night him best friend. Spider Zack see smoke from fire. Him follow smoke. To see what happen. Him at firey house now. Spidey Zack see Night there. Night watch house on fire. Night is all around house on fire.

“Night. Why you here? All of night everywhere is nightlessness,” say’d Spidey Zack. Then Night say’d, “I here to watch fire. Looky how tall and how much alive fire is. And fire trucks too. See Zack. See flashy flashy red.”

“But…you can’t stay here Night. What about stars? And moon?” say’d Spidey Zack.

“They won’t know. Nobody will. And besides, fire not big, after, I go fill night back up,” say’d Night.

Spidey Zack mad. Him go back to web. But on way back stars fall out of nightlessness sky. Millions and billions of stars fall down from sky. Spidey Zack crawl up on falled-down star and ask him what wrong.

“Star. Why you falled? What wrong?”

Falled down star say’d, “The nightlessness. It bad. All bad. We can’t be alive without real Night. Night look real. But him fakey. Twinkle twinkle time over. End time is much alive.”

Then Star died. Spidey Zack get sad. This is what him say’d to him inside, “I can’t believe this. Look what Night done! Him make all of stars be dead. And all cuz him at fire. To watch house burn away. And see red flashy flashy fire trucks.”

All of stars falled down out of fakey Night. Even moon fall down. And all children’s wish-upon-a-star falled down too. No more wish-upon-a-star can be wished cuz no more stars to wish upon.

Fire on house go out. So Night leave burnt-away house. Him tried to get back inside nightlessness. So it not fakey. But fakey Night not let him come back in. Nightlessness Night much big mad at Night.

Night get sad. Him float back to trash can with dead Kitty Cat. When him get there him yell, “SPIDEY ZACK! WHERE YOU GO? PLEASE COME OUT!”

Then Night get hunged up in cobweb. Him stucked.

“HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME! I STUCK! I STUCK IN COBWEB!” yelled Night. Spidey Zack come out of hidey place and say’d, “See what you done to stars? You killded’ed them. And moon too! All cuz you went away. Just to watch house on fire. And watch flashy flashy red fire trucks. Night not work right without you. Night you leaved behind turned Nightlessness. Stars fall down. Moon fall down. Even all wish-upon-a-star fall down. Them alive no more.”


“It too late for sorry Night. You pay for what you did. I bringed fireflies with me,” say’d Spidey Zack. Then Spidey Zack call all fireflies out of hidey place.

“They come with me to eat you. They eat you all goneness. And if you all goneness maybe new Night come and him fill nightlessness back up,” say’d Spidey Zack.


Fireflies circle all round Night. So him not get away. Then loud noise come much big in nightlessness sky. Fireflies look up. Spidey Zack look up. Night not look. Him eyes closed cuz him scared him get eat’ed away. Loud noise is last star in sky. Him failed down. Him land beside cobweb. Spidey Zack crawl up on top of last star.

Where you come from? We thinked all of stars fall down. And be dead,” say’d Spidey Zack.

“All of stars did fall. But I not like other stars.”

“But if you not like other stars—what you are” say’d Spidey Zack.

“I Super Star. Much much big Super Star. I catch all wish-upon-a-star wishes that little stars miss. There was little boy. Coby him name. Him seen’d all stars fall down. So him make wish-upon-a-star,” say’d Super Star.

Spidey Zack look at fireflies. Then at Night. Then back at Super Star.

“When little boy Coby wish-upon-a-star, what him wish was?” asked Spidey Zack.

“Him wish was for Nightlessness to get fixed. And for stars and moon and wish-upon-a-star to come back alive,” say’d Super Star.

But…but Night made’d everything all bad. I not like him no more. I want him get eated away by fireflies,” say’d Spidey Zack.

“But you can’t do that. Him you best friend. Him need you be friend. Not let him get eated away by fireflies. And besides. Coby’s wish-upon-a-star hafta come true. I Super Star. I make him wish come true. If you make fireflies eat Night all goneness—ain’t no other Night to take him place. So Nightlessless will stay Nightlessness forever. Stars will stay falled down. Moon will stay falled down. And wish-upon-a-star will stay falled down too,” say’d Super Star.

“I not like you. Maybe you all Super Star up there in far away night. But not here. I make you get eat all goneness too. Fireflies! GET’IM! EAT SUPER STAR! THEN EAT NIGHT! GO! GO! GO!” yells Spidey Zack.

But fireflies not move.

“We not do what you say’d. You wrong. Little boy wish-upon-a-star hafta come true. All wish-upon-a-star come true. We leave now. Maybe you need make friends with Night again. That what best friends do,” say’d fireflies all at same of time.

“I can’t believe this. Fireflies turn on me. And Super Star, why him be this way?” say’d Spidey Zack to him inside.

Super Star help Night get loose from cobweb. And Nightlessness come down and circle everybody.

“I heard everything. And I want Coby’s wish-upon-a-star to come true. I not mad no more at Night cuz him leave me to go watch fire eat house. And to watch flashy flashy red light on firetrucks,” say’d Nightlessness.

Night say him sorry to Nightlessness. Then they huggy and come back together. Fakey Night is real Night again. Falled down stars come back to life. Moon come back to life. And all wish-upon-a-star come back to life and them all float together back up in night sky. Them all happy they comed back alive cuz little boy made wish-upon-a-star and Super Star made him wish come true. Fireflies huggy huggy each other then buzz buzz away. Super Star and Spidey Zack look at each other…

“I sorry. I was mad. Mad at Night. Mad at you. Mad at fireflies. Mad cuz I hungry. Everything was … everything was bad at me. Do you ever feel thataway?” say’d Spidey Zack.

“No. I can’t feel thataway. I Super Star. Everything always super. But it okay. Everything better now. That’s how magic of wish-upon-a-star work. It make world spin round. All wishes always come true. I hafta go now. Are you be okay?”

“Yeah.” Spidey Zack smile big. “I be okay. Will you ever come back?”

Super Star wait long time before him talk. “No. I sorry. But I can’t. Super stars can’t really be friends with spiders. l go away now. Bye Spidey Zack.”

“Bye Super Star. I never forget you.”

And away Super Star went. Back to him home up in night sky. Spidey Zack climb back in him cobweb by trash can with much stinky stinky dead kitty cat in it. Much flies are stucked in cobweb. Spidey Zack happy cuz him get to eat.

Little boy Coby looky out him window before him go to sleepy. Him see’d all of stars and moon back up in night sky.


Then him close window. But stinky stinky from dead kitty cat in trash can come in him room. And it floaty in him room for much long of time.

The end

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