Prison Letters by Yari Jacobson

At an ASPC the WIPP will smile
If a youngster asks for an F-15-H form
A clever OG trick
But when the OA pops off
The ADW will 10-40 his staff there
When a CO sends you to CIP
You are coming or going
Or perhaps just an ID pic
But if CIU or TSU comes for you
It’s quite possible you’re going to CDU or SMU
An SGT must sign off on an STG ticket
Which will raise your PI score
When you are finished a the DHO
And your ERO will close in on your SEC
Plus you can kiss your TR goodbye
Now, PB is the same thing the whole world
Puts on bread, unless you get called one
Then it’s SOS, which is better than KOS
Which is reserved for SOs, PCs and sneak thieves
But if you can stay away from SSU and UA
And make it out of CB6
Then you can go to REC nearly every day
Until you meet up with your PO
And try your damnedest
To forget the prison letters
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