Jesus is Paying Taxes to the Executive Branch by Craig Rogers

Mornings are always difficult to walk on, 
This inflamed right heel, and last night’s 
Restless leg syndrome are like an 
Alcoholic’s hangover every time 
When I throw my legs 
Over the edge of the couch
An eyewitness reports they see 
Mirages of the Executive Branch, 
All the macabre incumbents 
Sit their chins on mountains and thorny stones. 
The incumbents show their 
Faces in the mountains of Douglas ferns, 
Like a fortress of eggs in the incubator 
Kept secretly. If only we did, if only we would 
Listen closely, we will hear 
The dirges running through wailing scriptures. 
To open our eyes and find 
The largest constellation to be seen, but never seen, 
It is the face of God we understand 
Of our individual intuitive nature to rationalize 
Pardons and “pace yourself,” pacers.
All of the filtration systems 
Filter the water Jesus walked on. 
Delicate desperation of his water is providing 
Dehydration to communities, 
Like bad circulation and a shortage of platelets 
For the cactus wren in Tucson, Arizona. 
The weather reports oxygen compresses
In our lungs, and there will be taxes 
Owed by human procurators, like mortgage 
Payments for household appliances.
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