I Believe by Charles Carr-Satchell

in the road, the endless waves of traffic, the desertion of
emptiness, the crazy road-rage elderly women, the dead duck
lying on the pavement.
in life, the desire to have great memories, the thought of the
walking dead becoming reality, the pain of confessions, the
challenge of staying alive.
in pain, the agony of a broken bone, the joy of losing a tooth, the
sight of raw flesh being drawn in your face.
in lust, the inward observation of the body, the desire of the
distinctive, the disappointment in a perfect shape, the joy of even
the worst climax
in souls, the identity of a pure spirit, the thought of a deeper
purpose floating around inside of you, the truth of where your
soul goes after death.
in music, the vibration your bones feel from the bass, the
provocation of a perfect tone, the pulse of a dope lyric, the
striking sound of a snare drum, the sweet sensation of a tune.
I believe in love.
in death.
in everything necessary to survive.
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