Document-Unfinished Infringement on the Nuts Sent by the Pontiff by Craig Raymond Rogers

A dedication in the market square 
Is steering propaganda’s romanticism? 
I have transparency, seems less.
In windowpane’s yellow eye 
Blinking eyes, their cruelty 
And steaming capital.
Without conjugal absurdities, 
I have opened the unhinged door,
My brown eye attentively stands up.
A spring next to a sycamore tree, it 
Hinders vision leering with detached retina 
Outside into the Coliseum, it is barnacle.
And mortar pulsing people, sharply 
Shaped, intolerant the image of condoms 
Pinstriped pajamas captured warm snow.
Feeding parcels and profits with a question,
“Only tonight the tonalities of 
This Vatican ringtone, the disgruntled?”
Locution man’s distribution of course study, 
It is an open door to amphibious equinoxes 
Served up on a taxable plate of prayer.
Avoiding cracks in the pavement, 
I walk Avoiding the distemper of studded steps 
Down the door of an interpreting prizefighter.
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