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Rain Shadow Review VI (2016)


How Nature Taught Me To Sing in Lockup by Ken Lamberton


Tommy Antrez
Carving Stones
Broken Glass Heart with Fresh Flowers

Ruben Garza
Childhood Memory

Leland G. Heathco
Going Home

Michael G. Springer
We Who Are Left Behind

Garen Zakarian
Happy Days
Truth is a Green Rubberband
Velvet Knight
When I Get Tired

Ralph Hager
news at 6

John Dowell
Oceans of Trees
Voices at Night
Seasonal Differences


Steven P. Arthur
Lessons from an Infant

Wybra Holden
Patience in Waiting

Brian Maddock
Buzz Kill

Mark Enriquez
smile now

Mark Svoboda
Saint or Psycho

Jacob Wideman
A Glance Away

Ken McDonald
To Follow in Darkness

Darrell Keith Jones
Bleached Bones

James Griego
Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

M. Serapis Freeman
What Does a Prisoner Fear Most?
Prison Pigeon

Dale Russell

Cover “Pheasant’s Roost” Acrylic by David Palmer
Interior Art by David Palmer and Ken Lamberton[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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