Confidence Out from Under the Confetti of Minimalist by Craig Raymond Rogers

There, cobalt petals stain us in rainbow hues, 
His mouthpiece like lidocaine leeches. 
I’m catching that disfigured hieroglyphic 
Hanging out and overhead of strapless trampoline.
The vapors are seeping over his overture, 
Ambience and his redolent ass. 
Climbing and falling desperate through 
My cumulative and cumin filled testimony.
The juxtaposed handover of stars and sun, 
The unnamed ripple in his nipple. 
Wrapped in a blanket of awkward thread, 
Alterations of purple wines mistaken for reds.
Lamented dick and its displacement, 
Dance belts like-pantomime dance. 
Pirouettes like-shoveling dirt over time, 
Civilities over a contracted plié.
Sits a queer bashfulness scripted, 
Sleeping on his bed of frightened onyx, 
Magnanimous silhouettes in synchronicity, 
Flower inside his monologue.
Presentation, demarcation, defecation, 
Penetrated and conjoined soiled sheets; 
Ancestral factoids breaching and 
Conning anniversary of frigidity and bone.

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