Rain Shadow Review is a product of the Shelton Creative Writing Workshops directed by Gillian Haines at the Arizona State Prison Complex. Richard Shelton oversees submissions throughout the United States. Most contributors have been participants of various creative writing workshops in Arizona’s state prison system, and, except for the occasional invited contributor, all work is produced by currently and formerly incarcerated inmates of various U.S. correctional facilities.

Creative writing and artwork submissions published in Rain Shadow Review and Rain Shadow Review Online range from the work of fledgling writers and artists to those who have become widely published, award-winning, and nationally recognized.

If you are an Arizona inmate or former inmate who writes fiction, nonfiction, or poetry of literary quality, please let us consider your work for possible inclusion in a future issue of Rain Shadow Review.

Mail your best writing for us to consider:

Rain Shadow Review
P.O. Box 85462
Tucson, AZ 85754-5462

1. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your work to be returned.

2. Do not send your only copy.

3. For copies of past issues of Rain Shadow Review, check your prison unit library, The University of Arizona Poetry Center Library, OR send a request to the address above.

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