Rain Shadow Review IX (© 2020) is a product of the Creative Writing Workshops directed by Gillian Haines at the Arizona State Prison Complex, Tucson, and Richard Shelton at the United States Penitentiary, Tucson. The Writing Workshops and this issue of Rain Shadow Review have been funded by grants from the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Except for occasional contributors, all work is produced by currently and formerly incarcerated men of the various Arizona correctional facilities.

Gillian Haines

Associate Editor
Dora Rollins

Managing Editor
Ken Lamberton

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Richard Shelton

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Rain Shadow Review presents the creative talents of those are currently incarcerated in Arizona state prisons and those who have been incarcerated in Arizona state prisons in the past. Creative writing in this issue ranges from the work of fledgling writers to the work of several who have been widely published and won national prizes and recognition. Most of them have been members of one or another of the various Creative Writing Workshops in Arizona’s state prison system.

Members and alumni of the Workshops wish to thank the following:

Patrick Lannan and Members of the Board of Directors and the Staff of the Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who make this journal and the prison workshops possible, and who have donated more than 1,000 books to the prison libraries of southern Arizona.

Tyler Meier and Laura Caywood of the University of Arizona Poetry Center who administer the Lannan Foundation grants and are a constant source of help and encouragement.

Dedicated to the Memory of Clinton Smith

Blind Soul

Tormented by what he had done
By what he had lost
He would not give up on life
He worked hard to change
He held onto hope for the future
Hope of going home
Of being reunited with those he loved
He cared about others, troubled though he was
Taken away for reasons unknown
By the blind soul of a murderer
A family devastated in the wake of such
Left to suffer in despair and helplessness
With only memories to sustain them

Stephen Keating

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