A Number of a Misrepresentation by Craig Raymond Rogers

Fresh fences hypothesis lay underneath 
The moon in rapture and like ornaments.
Silver and sudden that are striking blue, 
Bird in the armchair in the nest next door
Jaded column and porcupine in bedroom Holding blind folds inside I-40 overpass.
“At midnight, can you talk? Closure 
And Congress is adjourned,” I said
Watching the ocean watered in flame, 
Volcanic heat implodes rain drop shores.
Face up I watch strawberry vapor too, 
Herringbone rhymes lay seizing on oak.
Tailgates and talisman’s sweaty scrotum, 
Balls hang out from a resistant mirage.
Slender knuckles banished and wounded, 
Discovered whales in phones from Phoenix.
The loudest sound in heart symbol and gong,
MARILYN Manson and Liberace are showman.
Advertisement runs me scared from the aisle. 
Wedding rice and organ music like an opera.
Bootlegging a jump off the precipice I call 
Arms and money off the mannequin you answered.
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