Truth is a Green Rubberband by Garen Zakarian

Because we need more / Chinese helicopters / to fight famine in Ethiopia / and Italian submarines / for the Western Sahara.…

Interrupted by Garen Zakarian

You talk / I listen / then I nod / I draw a line on a piece of paper /You spill the coffee…

Happy Days by Garen Zakarian

Some days you won’t brush / your teeth going to bed / those are the crazy days…
Artwork (c) Richard Palmer

We Who Are Left Behind by Michael G. Springer

must tighten the cinch / wrap up the reins and open the shoot / eventually this rodeo will buck / us all to the…

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Lessons from an Infant by Steven P. Arthur

She could’ve easily been mistaken for being asleep, but I knew she wasn’t. Ambulances and paramedics don’t get called for sleeping babies.…

Carving Stories by Tommy Antrez

My pen carves gracefully / Like sharp blades on / Winter ice, /…

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