Jasmine & Burnt Hot Dogs by Nathaniel McKowen

That insatiable beast within me—that has no name except emptiness, or need, or perhaps longing, since that sounds more romantic—feasted on my guts and…

January 3, 1999 by Dale Russell

I look at my watch: twenty-two forty-seven. Placing the Newsweek magazine back on the shelf, I align it with the others and look…

Garfield Park, Indianapolis, 1979 by Dale Russell

“I want to break up.”…

Birthday by Brian Maddock

Sophie watched fourteen flames nibble at dollar-store candle wicks and felt numb. Her fingers traced dried ketchup smears near the table’s edge as…

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Three Musketeers by Garen Zakarian

I love the Three Musketeers. Not those of whom Dumas wrote, the other ones, wrapped in shiny foil. Last I tasted one was about twenty-two years ago in a wretched contract facility near Bakersfield where a vendor stocking the machine…

Chance by Jake Wideman

I’m standing in the city bus, holding onto an overhead bar to keep my balance (too tall, really, for the straps), my stop just half a block away. The bus is idling at a red light, and I glance through…

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